A Tale of Twin Citizenship

Portekiz golden visa
Portekiz golden visa

If there is one lesson that we learnt from the Russia and Ukraine war, it is that
our world can change in an instant. Along with the recent ongoing lock down
in Shanghai. The lack of medical support in India in the second wave of
Covid, all propel those who have the means and capabilities to think hard on
their plan B.

We talk to clients from all over the world everyday, and all of them have their
own reasons when deciding to get the Portugal´s Golden Visa.

But it inevitably boils down to one main reason – the options that a second
passport gives them.

Natural disaster and crisis like war, pandemic, government decision affects
everyone, rich or poor.

We know many Ukranians and Russians alike want to flee their countries.
But the challenges that most of them face are:

Getting Schengen visa is challenging;
Getting money out of the country is challenging;
Getting an overseas account open is challenging;
Having all your assets, investments and savings in your home country,
in the same currency means heighten risks… if currency exchange
rate plummet, if war hits,

Just imagine, the relief you have if you when you have a solid option to move
your families out of harm’s way.

To have an overseas bank account ready where you can move your money
out in an instant.

If you have an investment outside of your home country, this will serve as a
hedge on the currency and also on the asset value if anything happens in
your country

You have a Portuguese residency, you can enter into Portugal, without any
need of visa; you can stay in Portugal and start your new lives here, if needed
be. Your children have the right to study, have the right to work and benefit
from social security and healthcare.

Portugal is the 3rd safest country in the world.

Just imagine the difference that this one single step would make for your life.

When people around are panicking to find ways to physically leave the
country and move their money or assets abroad.

A second residency, a second passport, a plan B, is your option where you
can exercise when you need it.

And even if that day never came, you still wouldn’t be worse off for having a
second residency in Portugal. You will be able to freely enter the European
Union and stay in Portugal for as long as you wanted.

Imagine those who never took the action, that nod to the idea of getting the
Portugal´s Golden Visa and say “That looks interesting…” but never took any

Freedom of movement is important. You might need the ability to leave, as
well as a place to go.

There’s no downside in being early. But procrastinating and waiting until it’s
too late could be one of the costliest mistakes of your life.

Portugal discovered the world but now the world

is discovering Portugal.